Assignments Handled

Handled Rs. 820 crores TOCD issue of a large Indian MNC in the year 1989 conducting road shows in South India
Floated one of the early commercial paper issue Rs. 10 crores during the year 1992
Was part of the team which floated the first private sector mutual fund
Raised an ECB for USD 15 million equivalent at a rate of 1.30% per annum including guarantee fees during 1997.
Has handled three M&A's through the court route including valuation
Has handled bought out deals through venture fund for bio-technology viz, tissue culture plant first of its kind in India
Represented a large private equity fund belonging to one of the largest funding corporations in the world
Obtained indicative term sheet for a large university in tamilnadu for 1800 crores
Raised 160 crores rupees for an University operating from Tamilnadu as public charitable trust without collateral security
Raised 75 crores rupees for a fisheries group without collateral security
Successfully turned around a BIFR company based out of Gobichettypalayam
Syndicated an amount of 300 crores rupees for various SME's operating out of South India.
Structured a company in Salem for investing in their Malaysian Dental college project in Penang
Raised a long term debt of 50 crores rupees for super specialty hospital in Salem.
Syndicated 65 crores rupees long term debt for a Malaysian Company to fund a by-pass road in Andrapradesh under BOOT scheme
Raised USD 25 million at an interest rate of 2.30% including all fees for a large insulator manufacturing company in Tamilnadu without collateral security.
Raised working capital of 20 crores rupees for dhall processing company based out of Chennai
Raised working capital of 42 crores rupees for the largest retail distributors of branded IT hardware
Raised 20 crores rupees for a self financing college operating in Tamilnadu.
Raised 50 crores rupees for a large branded retail outlet with interest in cutleries, electronic appliances and jewellery
Raised 40 crores rupees for a large casting and forging company in Chennai
Raised FCTL equivalent of Rs. 50 Crores for a large wine processing company based in South India for their inhouse grapeyard poly house farming spread over 400 acres         and above.

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